How to Clean Your Cookie Sheets

The Trick to Clean WITHOUT SCRUB a Cookie Sheet

Have your cookies just come out of the oven and are you already thinking about cleaning the baking sheet? Don't worry anymore.
Here is the trick to easily clean the plate without rubbing. All you need is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (also called hydrogen peroxide).

*How to do:

1. Putting layer baking soda on baking sheet.
2. & hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) – just to wet 1st coat.
3. And finally a 2nd layer of baking soda.
4. Leave to act for 2 hours and remove the mixture with water. A new application further improves the result.

With this trick, you don't even have to scrub!But if you don't want to wait 2 h, you can also blend baking soda also hydrogen peroxide to form  paste.
You just have to rub with this paste to remove residue, burns and grease from the plaque. Know that it also works for kitchen utensils.