How superb her house smells. Here is the easy solution that you could use by yourself

1. Using an essential oil diffuser
To pleasantly perfume the house and clean the air, there is nothing like an essential oil diffuser. Used for millennia, essential oils have recognized virtues in the field of health, beauty and even cooking. Very pretty, aesthetic and easy to use, the diffuser diffuses a cold vapor which carries with it the scent of essential oils in the air of the house.

2. Placing small bag of lavender in vacuum cleaner
Here is a very simple trick that allows you to embalm your interior when you are cleaning. Place a few sprigs of lavender in a small bag that you put in your vacuum cleaner. Hop, voila! When you vacuum your interior, a delicate smell of lavender emanates from the machine.

3. Make homemade potpourri
A few slices of lemon, grapefruit and orange, a pretty basket or a designer basket. And there you have your ready-to-use homemade potpourri. Potpourri deodorizes without polluting. For a delicate scent, choose rose petals, cinnamon sticks, cloves or star anise. Shake your potpourri daily to reactivate odors.