Mashed, gratin, sliced, filled or in the shape of potatoes, potatoes may be cooked to our liking. And with autumn approaching, it is time to revisit our classic: this easy however no much less exceptional recipe for French Fries with Onions will delight your flavor buds! So comply with the recipe...  

*ingredients :

°4 Yukon Gold potatoes.
° 1 huge onion reduce into thin slices.
° 1 teaspoon butter.
° 1 teaspoon olive oil.
° Half a teaspoon of garlic powder.
° A sprinkling dill (or the herb of your choice).
° Pinch salt & pepper.

* Methods :

1. Begin by peeling potatoes. Cutting it to thin slices.
2. Do same with onions.
3. In  skillet and on heat, soft butter and pour in olive oil.
four. Putting potato earrings & onion earrings in pan.
five. Cover the pan and fry for ten mins.
6. Time ten mins have passed, lightly turning  potato also onion earrings on with a timber spoon in order that they do not break. If the potatoes appear too dry, experience free to feature an extra knob of butter for the rest of the cooking time.
7. Sprinkle the potatoes with garlic powder, dill (or herb/herb of your choice), salt and pepper, then fry for some other five mins, then cowl the pan again.
8. Submit immediately. excellent Appetite !  

Enjoy !