You can make a HOMEMADE TOILET CLEANER that will neutralize all odors, kill bacteria and keep your bathroom fresh !

Fighting against bad odor in the toilet is a daily challenge. These are among the rooms in the house that require special maintenance. And for good reason, humidity, mold and urine odors are often unpleasant and annoying.

At the table of ecological products, baking soda is the maintenance and household product par excellence. Very effective in disinfecting, cleaning and descaling, this natural product also neutralizes stubborn bad odors. Dirt that settles on the inner surface of the toilet bowl can cause foul smelling fumes. To alleviate this inconvenience, you can sprinkle this odor absorber on the toilet bowl and scrub with a rough sponge to remove bacteria, scrub the toilet and smelly odors with it. 

This white powder is an unparalleled deodorant that has absorbing power. To add a little extra to your toilet, pour baking soda into a glass container or saucer and add a few drops of lavender essential oil or whatever you like and place it in a corner or on a shelf.  

You will see that this mixture will not only remove bad odors but also diffuses a pleasant and subtle scent and fragrance. Be aware that this solution is the best alternative to conventional commercial deodorants, which contain chemicals and constitute a danger to health and the environment.