Pepper Steak in a Cooking Pot, To make this amazing pepper steak in a cooking pot, you will need the following ingredients:

* Ingredients:
° 16 ounces of beef broth.
° 2 sweet peppers.
° 1 vegetable oil.
° 3 tablespoons. of Worcestershire sauce.
° 1 teaspoon minced garlic.
° 1 can of beef broth.
° 1 can of stewed tomatoes.
° 1 season 
° 1 flour

* Methods :

In  bowl, combine flour and salt, then covering meat with mixture.In a pan heat the oil, add the meat, minced garlic, pepper (cut into strips) and cook until the meat begins to brown.Remove the meat and pepper from the pan in the slow cooker, leaving the fat behind.In pan where we cooked meat, adding stewed tomatoes with sauce also a tin of meat broth inoil.
Gradually add the flour, stirring until you create a broth, then pour it over the meat in the slow cooker.
Low lid cook for 8 hours.

Enjoy !