* How to clean Jewelry naturally * ?

How to maintain your jewelry naturally? Here are some tips to guarantee them a long life !

LE BLANC DE MEUDON (here): also called calcium carbonate, it is a very gentle abrasive that will clean, polish and revive the shine of jewelry without damaging it.

Jewelry in silver, silver, copper, brass ... just mix calcium carbonate with water until you get a creamy consistency. Apply with a damp cloth, rub gently, then rinse. You can also use your clay stone which is a mixture of white millstone, soap and glycerin.

WHITE CLAY (here): basically it is known to absorb fat (wood furniture, leather, rugs, carpets, stones, marble) but it is also a perfect, very soft abrasive for silver jewelry.

SODA BICARBONATE (here): for silver or gold jewelry, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water until you get a paste. Gently rub your jewelry with it and polish it with a soft cloth.

ALCOHOLIC VINEGAR (here): to clean and shine silver. Its acidity eliminates limescale, tartar and rust. Using a soft cloth, rub your jewelry with vinegar. Rinse off with water. You can do the same with lemon juice.

RICE POWDER (here): for silver jewelry.

THE TALC (here): to make the gold shine, rub with a soft cloth. The gold is like new.

TOOTHPASTE for brass, gold or silver is fine and this is the handy trick, everyone has toothpaste at home. Leave toothpaste on for a few minutes, once dry, scrub with a dry toothbrush too, this is the trick of antique dealers.

A wet toothbrush with a little black soap is also an easy gesture. Dry the jewelry well after washing.

BREAD CRUMP and clear water to shine gold or silver. This is the trick of my readers.