A new way to serve tacos ... layers of taco lasagna.This smooth Mexican casserole is filled with meats, beans, tomatoes, and tortillas.I even have a son (I won't name) who definitely hates homemade lasagna.He's not particularly interested in Italian casseroles.I don't know how my son is now.Now this is no longer lasagna in general, because it is a lasagna taco with tortillas.

Mexican dinners often make people smile, and this Rotel tomato lasagna and taco recipe is absolutely delicious!
Bring a grin on your own circle of relatives through making this tagine.Dinner is serve in about an 1h !

* Ingredients :
° 12-13 ( Low Fat )   Flour 6 Inch 2-lb Tortilla.
° minced meat
° 2 pack taco seanson
° 2 c tomatoes reduce into cubes
° 1 cup onion cutting to cubes
° 1/2 c green onion, minimize to cubes
° 1/4 c jalapeno, chop optional, kosher salt to flavor
° 2 c heavy whip cream
° Semi stick butter
° 3 c  cheese taco 
° 1five teaspoons of Cajun mousse
° Creamy Bridges Appetizer
° diced green onions for garnish

* Directions :

In a small bowl, combine shallots, green onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, and salt to taste. Sit aside.Frying meat to golden brown to drain fat. Add the taco seasoning and my heart, placed the cream and butter in a saucepan and convey to a simmer, stirring till the whole thing is homogeneous, dispose of from the warmth and upload  cups of cheese.    Adding cajun seasoning & continue warm.
In a nine x thirteen casserole, layer four tortillas (reduce to in shape casserole bottom), floor beef, cheese and tomato mixture.Repeat to you have 3 layers of cheese sauce on top, pouring last cup cheese over entire saucepan.Placing in  closed oven at 400 / 20 min, then removing & allow to cool. Garnish every serving with bitter cream and green onions. Say a blessing and have fun!