Crockpot-Ham-Green-Beans & Potatoes

Pork, potatoes, and green beans, um! ! ! It's the perfect one-pot dish, that's a whole dish in itself, slow-cooking is easy, and you can also use leftover pork for this recipe!One of the best additions is the delicious green beans stuffed with pork and potatoes.The ease of adding all the ingredients to a multicooker or multicooker makes this dish an indispensable addition to any main dinner menu.

* All you need is:

° 950 g fresh green beans.
° 950 grams of pork
° 4 baked potatoes.
° 1 small onion.

Step 1: Cutting pork, onion also potatoes to small squares.

Step 2: Putting everything in saucepan with 3 c of water, seasoning with black pepper / salt.

The last step: the food has been simmering for six to seven hours, this simple recipe for pork, green beans and potatoes is perfect for busy days, you will be satisfied with this delicious dish, I hope you like this recipe, it is a family favorite!