Sauerkraut recipe

Sauerkraut may not be Germany's national dish, but in the United States it is the food most closely associated with German cuisine. It's easy to make your own sauerkraut, because you simply rely on the bacteria in the cabbage leaves to aid in fermentation. 

The added salt draws out the water, kills the spoiled bacteria and starts fermentation.

* Ingredients :

+For sauerkraut
° 2 pounds cabbage (from one head)
° 4 teaspoons finely ground real salt

* Directions :

Remove any damaged or damaged outer leaves from the cabbage, then cut it in half. Remove the cabbage core, then slice the cabbage into strips no more than an inch thick.
Mix the cabbage and salt together in a large mixing bowl and let it rest for about 20 minutes, or until the cabbage begins to soften and release a little of the juice. Then squeeze the cabbage with your hands to soften it more and help it secrete more juice.
When the cabbage is limp and abundant juice comes out of it, transfer it to the jar. Pack the sauerkraut tightly in your jar, using a kraut pestle or a wooden spoon, so that the cabbage continues to release liquid and no air bubbles remain.
Continue packing the cabbage into the container until the cabbage is completely submerged in its liquid. Place weights over the cabbage, then seal the jar with an airlock. Allow the cabbage to ferment at room temperature and out of direct sunlight for at least a month, or until cooked to your liking. When the sauerkraut becomes sour enough to your liking, move it to the refrigerator where it will keep for at least 6 months and up to 1 year.

Enjoy !